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Blue back-painted glass countertop in living room

Back-Painted Glass

From corporations and retail stores to hotels and restaurants, businesses are discovering the appeal of back-painted glass.

What does back-painting mean? 

Back-painting is a glass-coloring technique that transforms the otherwise transparent material into an opaque, artistic masterpiece.

Expert glass fabrication companies strategically color the reverse side of a piece of glass using advanced equipment renowned for precision, including roll-out machines, drying furnaces and tempering ovens, to ensure the finished product is evenly covered. If it’s a hotel reception desk countertop, for example, the painted side of the glass will face down when installed. If it’s a marker board, the painted side will face the wall.

By coupling the beauty of back-painted glass with its practicality, you’ll have a winning combination for endless applications.

What Can Be Back-Painted?

There are a wide range of interior products that can be back-painted for use in various commercial interiors.

Popular choices include, but are not limited to:Bathroom with yellow back painted glass and clear glass shower door

  • Glass Magnetic Marker Boards
  • Hotel Lobby Walls & Reception Desk Countertops
  • Signage
  • Office Walls
  • Retail and Corporate Conference Room Tabletops
  • Shelving
  • Hotel Bathroom Shower Walls
  • Partitions or Wall Dividers
  • Locker Doors

What Are the Benefits of Using Back-Painted Glass?

女性瘾者 It’s important to create a functional, but aesthetically pleasing environment in any commercial space, whether a retail store, corporate headquarters, hotel, academic institution or fitness center. Back-painted glass enables architects and designers to achieve this, along with its associated benefits.

Makes a Statement

Even the minimalism of interior designs can incorporate small elements conveying bold statements. Back-painted glass can brighten and liven up a space, whether in the form of a conference tabletop or marker board, infusing color and style to create a welcoming and practical space. Those looking for a subtler statement can still utilize the material, as glass can also be painted in softer hues. (See more about available colors below.) 

Offers a Modern Twist

Glass as an interior design component isn’t anything new—it’s been used in commercial and residential buildings for a long, long time. While other trends come and go, glass is consistently utilized in numerous applications, many of which serve various purposes and design themes. The pop of color back-painted glass brings to an interior space enriches the design and atmosphere, keeping it classic while providing a modern twist. 

Shower with blue back painted glass back wallEco-Friendly

One interesting fact about glass is that it can be recycled repeatedly. This makes it an eco-friendly design option.

Resistant to Corrosion & Bacteria

Because of its non-porous surface, which doesn’t allow air or water to pass through, glass isn’t as vulnerable to corrosion or bacteria and mold. Although both are still possibilities, these are very slight when compared with other materials—as long as it’s regularly cleaned.


Back-painted glass tends to be more versatile than other materials, such as granite and marble, for example. This is due to its ability to be customized. Aside from being painted to match the designer’s vision, which we’ll get to next, it can also be cut and shaped to fit the space perfectly.

How Many Back-Painted Colors Are There?

There are standard back-painting colors you can typically choose from. Depending on the glass fabricator you work with, these include yellow, blue green, grey, purple, red and orange, as well as other basic hues. However, color-matching capabilities widen your options, so you can match the brand, logo and/or décor of any business, giving the finished product a personalized look.

As discussed in one of our case studies, which focuses on a project for Rhode Island-based Digs Design Company, creating a custom color that matches the ceramic frit paint takes efficiency and precision. Starting with eight base colors, we carefully mix them—weighing to the thousandths of a pound—to duplicate the color our customer wants.

To obtain high-quality back-painted glass, you’ll need to hire a commercial glass fabrication company that specializes in such a skill. With the Dillmeier Glass Company’s help, you can size, shape, paint and complete your spec, delighting your clients with an extraordinary finished product. Contact us today for more information.


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